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Should First Responders take melatonin? - Naturally correct crappy sleep.

November 16, 2021 Jon Vought Season 2 Episode 8
Rescue 1 Podcast
Should First Responders take melatonin? - Naturally correct crappy sleep.
Show Notes

 If you're reading this your sleep probably sucks. You're not alone, nearly 40% of firefighters have some kind of diagnosed sleep issue.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doc, I don't even play one on TV! I also
didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night (if you remember either of those commercials).

This isn't medical advice, I'm simply sharing my knowledge and experiences with CBD and melatonin and some of the research that has been done by professionals. Speak with your Dr. about any supplementation/medical issues you are curious about.

Consistently bad sleep leads us to seek a solution, since the job we signed up for inherently has a disruptive sleep schedule. We're paid or volunteer to be up at all hours of the night which is very unnatural for humans.

So, our options are:

1. Quit the fire service (lol, not happening)
2. Take medication
3. Try to correct your sleep naturally
4. Do nothing

3 of those choices suck if you ask me. The problem with trying to correct your sleep naturally is that we have second jobs, kids, stress, etc. We're not making time to get our 7-9 hours, eat properly, work out regularly and keep our stress levels down with healthy coping mechanisms.

So, we're looking at things we can take, like melatonin, to possibly help us fall asleep and/or stay asleep.

So, is it good for us? 
Should we be taking it?
How would it combine with CBD?

Let's do it!

We're here to build confidence in this product and let the fire service know that CBD can be made safe for the job!


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