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How much CBD should you take?

March 01, 2022 Jon Vought Season 2 Episode 20
Rescue 1 Podcast
How much CBD should you take?
Show Notes

How much CBD should you be taking at a time? Is there an overdose limit? Research is very clear on one thing: taking very high doses of CBD at once is very safe. 

No overdose limit has been found in humans.

The reasons why you’re taking CBD matter when it comes to the dose you choose. Sleep, for example is only improved with doses more than 25mg

While everyone needs to adjust CBD to their effective level, it’s a good idea to start of at 1 single serving (33mg) for #Rescue1CBD and then increase it as needed

Disclaimer: We’re not doctors. Any time you’re considering taking CBD, please consult your physician. The dosages above are based on research published by PubMed and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)


We're here to build confidence in this product and let the fire service know that CBD can be made safe for the job!
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