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What are cannabinoids?

November 23, 2021 Jon Vought Season 2 Episode 9
Rescue 1 Podcast
What are cannabinoids?
Show Notes

What are cannabinoids? Where do they fit in the healthcare of the modern fire service?

In this episode I'll go over:

  • The definition and composition of what a cannabinoid is
  • The benefits of cannabinoids on our bodies
  • Potential problems we'll have with cannabinoids like THC in the fire service
  • Why we should (and will be) accepting of using cannabinoids from hemp plants in the future of the fire service

Cannabinoids should not be an issue for the modern fire service, they shouldn't be restricted when used properly.

THC is the only cannabinoid that we need to be careful of, since it can cause intoxication.

We're here to build confidence in this product and let the fire service know that CBD can be made safe for the job!


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