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I took CBD and nothing happened

November 30, 2021 Jon Vought Season 2 Episode 10
Rescue 1 Podcast
I took CBD and nothing happened
Show Notes

3 Important things to know about CBD here:

1) It's effectiveness can depend on the amount you take
2) Consistent use is crucial for newcomers to see improvement
3) The labels on most brands of CBD oil are inaccurate

These could be a few reasons why CBD is ineffective. But, the plain truth is this: CBD just wont work for some people.
If the issue you're trying to remedy is not handled by your endocannabinoid system, it just won't work.
You can't take tums for a headache, right?
CBD isn't a miracle, it's not a catch-all treatment for everything that ails you. It's a tool to reduce inflammation and balance hormones in your body that can reduce anxiety and help you sleep better.
We're also still learning about this awesome compound. We need tons more research poured into this field so we can really grasp the mechanics behind this stuff

We're here to build confidence in this product and let the fire service know that CBD can be made safe for the job!


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